Three Ways to Narrow down Your Egg Donor Choice

Choosing an egg donor is an important decision, though it can feel understandably overwhelming. Should you select a donor who most resembles you or your partner? Or, should you put characteristics like background or education as a priority? There are decisions that need to be made even before you pick a donor, but they don’t have to make any intended parent’s head spin. Narrowing down your options prior to visiting a donor database is a great way to streamline the selection process. Here are three basic ways to do just that:

Create a donor criteria list, but try to keep it simple

The longer a list of donor criteria, the less likely you’ll be able to find someone you consider to be perfect. Having a simple, clearly defined list of donor requirements will offer you the best possible range of candidates to consider without feeling as if you are sacrificing things you’re looking for. Basically, the shorter the list, the better. Think of it this way, not everything can be a priority or nothing is a priority. You will find the right donor for your growing family.

Connect with other egg donor families

The best advice about finding an egg donor can come from someone who has already used one. No one understands the donation process better than an egg donor family, and connecting with them either online or in-person is an excellent source of advice and support.

Ask for advice from the experts

Our egg donor coordinators have helped to build countless families for years. We’ve worked with every kind of growing family -- fertility issues, same-sex couples, and single parents, and have navigated any challenges that can arise. If you’re feeling stumped or stuck, please feel free to reach out to our team. We can address any questions you have and help provide direction if needed

When you first register and visit our donor database, the choices can seem overwhelming. Taking the time to really think through what you’re looking for in a donor, what preferences to prioritize, and when to compromise will help streamline the process and lead to a successful match.

If you’re ready to get started with your egg donor search, please contact Egg Donor America today. If you’re ready to visit our donor database, please visit here.