What Is It Like to Donate Your Eggs More than Once?

Becoming a repeat egg donor is something many donors opt to do. Once you have completed the process once, and found the experience to your satisfaction, there is the possibility of donating a second, third, or fourth time. There is great admiration for egg donation no matter how many times you repeat the process or don’t, but so many families across the country are seeking donor eggs in order to grow in the manner they desire. Donated eggs can be the difference between achieving parenthood after a lengthy infertility struggle or not, between a same-sex male couple being able to work with a surrogate or not – the degree of impact cannot be overstated.

If you’ve already donated your eggs once and are considering doing so again, you may be curious what it is like to be a repeat donor. At Egg Donor America, we’ve worked with countless repeat donors throughout our years as an agency, so we can tell you what to expect.

Is the process different from one donation cycle to the next?

No, you do not need to expect change regarding the egg donation process. The only aspect that would change is if you were to proceed with a frozen egg donation cycle vs. a fresh one. In a fresh cycle, you take birth control as does the female intended parent (if applicable) so your cycles are synced properly. In a frozen cycle, there is no need to do this because your eggs will be cryopreserved until they are selected for a donation cycle and then thawed to be used. Aside from this element, there is no medical difference from one cycle to another.

Does my compensation change during a second or third donation cycle?

This can depend on a few different factors which is why agencies like Egg Donor America always provide donors with a compensation range they can expect vs. a set amount. That being said, sometimes repeat egg donors (those who’ve already completed a successful donation cycle) are considered to be a valuable option due to their status and therefore can receive a higher amount of compensation. As noted, this is possible, but not a guarantee. You can always discuss compensation questions with your Egg Donor America Case Manager.

Will my status as a repeat donor be noted on my donor profile?

It is possible to note that you have donated previously on your donor profile. This is something you can request and/or confirm once you decide to become a repeat egg donor. It is very important for all donors to work with our Case Managers to keep their donation profiles as up-to-date as possible. This way, intended parents who are reviewing these profiles see the information you would want them to see. For example, repeat donation status, receiving a new educational degree, a change in career, etc. These are all worthwhile profile updates.